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While there are different shooting aids available, many are limited to one area - keeping the ball off your palm region.  However, there is not a single shooting aid on the market that focuses on the most important aspect of consistent, square wrist follow through!

For most amateur shooters, the main reason for inconsistent shooting is improper side-to-side wrist flaws during follow through. If a right-hand player prematurely flexes his/her index finger during follow through (most common), then his/her wrist will finish toward the outside, resulting in the wrist not flexing in a frontal plane. If they prematuraly flex their ring finger, their wrist will finish towards the inside. Where does your wrist finish?

Because of its unique finger splint design, the J-Glove prevents finger flexion at the base and middle finger joints (MCP & PIP Joints), thus prventing a player's wrist from finishing to one side during follow through.  Furthermore, the splint design allows while allows complete freedom at the top digit (DIP Joint) so a player can still naturally grip and feel the basketball. Ultimately, this innovative design enables perfect forward hinging motion at the wrist joint, resulting in improved mastery of your shooting mechanics in a matter of weeks.

In addition, the glove design develops proper finger separation within your "finger fork", and ensures maximum extension at the wrist joint to create a proper "trigger position". Because of the finger splint design, if the ball is resting on a player's palm, the player's index finger will not be in contact with the ball, thus reinforcing proper shot set up with every repetition.  There is not another shooting aid on the market that can promote these same benefits.

The J-Glove is all about constructing or re-constructing perfect biomechanical shooting mechanics during your shot release and follow through. In most cases, this will involve one of the more difficult training tasks known to humans....breaking old habits. Lessons at camps, and clinics often leave players confused and discouraged, resulting in old shooting habits quickly reverting back. Re-training the brain to discontinue the use of old muscle-memory circuits and to create new muscle-memory circuits is a very time-consuming and repetitive process. Utilizing the J-Glove and "Millennium shooting DVD" repetitively will re-construct your shooting mechanics and follow through in a short period of time, while providing you with success and confidence to be a long-term successful shooter.