How do I know what size to order?

Refer to the sizes below, however, exceptions will occur depending on hand and finger
variations of player's body types for their age group. Also, because of anatomical gender differences, we strongly recommend Middle School and older FEMALES ordering size medium or large sizes only.

            ° Size Small: Grade school - Elementary, ages 8-10.
            ° Size Medium: Elementrary/Jr. High- lower High School (9th Grade), ages 10-14.
            ° Size Large: High School, ages 15 - up.
            ° Size XL: High School (large / thick fingers - College/Pro)

• How do I know how to properly wear and use the J-Glove?

Each package includes an easy to follow brochure with pictures and diagrams on how to properly wear and use the J-Glove in action. CLICK HERE for video footage on how to wear the J-Glove. Also, the J-Glove takes around 5-10 minutes to form a comfortable mold around your hand.  When moist, the naugahyde softens, form fitting to the contours of your hand.

• Is the Millennium Shooting DVD any good? or does it show you just how to use the J-Glove?

The answer is yes! The Millennium Shooting DVD (as well as all of our DVDs) are considered the top functional instruction in the world today.  It doesn't show you how to use the J-Glove, but rather how to shoot in todays game.  The Shooting DVD is the perfect complement in teaching what the J-Glove is trying to put forth, but also the numerous other biomechanical aspects of shooting that can only be covered by a true professional.

• How long does shipping take in receiving a J-Glove order?

For your timely benefit, Global Sports Innovation, LLC, utilizes standard postal services unless a specific request is made. If you have placed your order online, you will be prompted to select an option during your ordering process. The price ranges may be different for each shipping option. Please review your online order receipt for accurate details. Also, your bank statement will show payment by "Global Sports Innovation". Also, please note you will not receive a USPS shipping confirmation number unless you email us per that request. Feel free to contact us by phone for questions during our regular business hours at 707 849-1212. 

NEW UPDATE: Because of increased costs of International Shipping outside of the USA, we have chosen to only ship USPS First Class International. Shipping can take 2-5 weeks internationally. Please note that using this method has decreased shipping costs in some of our products (lighter products), however, it will cause an increase in shipping time. We are sorry for the inconvenience but as a company, we wanted didn't want to increase our prices 30% for priority shipping at this time. If you would like faster shipping, please email for more detailed quote. Please note that anything shipping above 4lbs internationally, will have to go into a medium Flat Rate box, that will cost around $62. A Large Flat Rate box is around $79 for those that order heavy weight or large amounts internationally.

• Can I receive a refund on my J-Glove?

If unopened, your J-Glove can be refunded up to 15 days of your online purchase date.

• What if the J-Glove breaks?

Please refer to the packaging about handling and improper use of the J-Glove. It is not in your best interest to purposively test the rigidness of the finger splint material, even though its design prevents natural finger flexion. Excessive bending and forceful flexion of the fingers on purpose can cause the finger splint material to bend, or eventually break. With continual use, the product will wear.  Our refund policy is 15 days.

• I want to distribute the J-Glove in my store? I want to talk to someone about team pricing. Whom do I contact?

Please call 707 849-1212 to inquire about our wholesale business opportunities or contact us at We offer wholesale pricing to all major online distributors and sporting good stores.

• Does 1% CLUB Basketball travel to perform J-Glove shooting clinics for teams?

1% CLUB Basketball performs clinics for the various aspects of skill training throughout the nation. Please visit our training sites (,,or call (707) 849-1212 for more details.