"Hands down the best shooting prodcut on the market today. That simple glvoe has a lot of benefits that works for all ages of players. My family is known as a shooting family. The J-Glove speeds up the process for teaching the proper technique of shooting a basketball. It has worked for players at University of Arizona and no doubt will work for any player at any level."
Sean Miller (Arizona - Head Coach)
  “Don't let the look fool you, the J-Glove really works. It has really helped our players this off-season become aware that they were having follow through problems with their shots. It really forces them into correct shooting positions during the shot set up and their follow through."
Josh Pastner (Head Coach Memphis University)
  “Having used the J Glove with individuals at all levels--from middle school students to NBA players--I can honestly say that it is one of the best tools for efficiently developing proper shooting mechanics that I have found in my 24 years of player development."
Jason Glover (Minnesota Timberwolves - Player Development Coach)
  “Several of our players at Stanford have used the J-Glove with excellent results. It is a very useful training tool for the player looking to improve both their shot and their percentage. I would recommend it to anyone looking for that extra edge.”
Tara VanDerveer (Head Coach Stanford University- 2-Time National Champs - Olympic Gold medalist)
  “Jeremy is one of the nation’s top basketball skills instructors and shooting experts. He has a tremendous passion for the game, years of quality experience, and is an excellent teacher. I highly recommend his products and services to any coach or player looking to take their game to the next level.”
Alan Stein - Nike Official Basketball Body Conditioning Trainer
  "The J-Glove is a revolutionary product that increases muscle memory and sensory perception for players at all levels. It is simple to use and through virtual reality, can teach the proper shooting release without a coach being on the floor. With continual repitition, the J-Glove will assist your players in becoming consistent shooters and game changers! The J Glove works for the National Runner-Up Cardinals, it will work for you too!"
Jeff Walz (Head Coach University of Louisville - 2009 Runner-Up National Champions)
"Jeremy Russotti is one of the best basketball development people in the world today. His innovative and functional approach to player development will help players reach their full potential. His workouts are outstanding for any age of player."
                -Don Showalter - USA Basketball National Team Development Coach
  "Jeremy Russotti [J-Glove Inventor] has been training me since I was 13 years of age. I went from a player that first picked up a ball in high school to an NCAA All-American (honorable mention) by the time I left college.  His teaching principles and the J-Glove are no doubt some of the main reasons why I was able to continue to play basketball at the profofessional level."
                - Josh Akognon 2009 NCAA Leader 3-Pointers Made - (138), Current NBA Basketball Player (Dallas Mavericks)
  "I highly recommend Global Sports Innovation Products for all levels of players. The products are as good as advertised and really help with proper shooting, ball-handling speeds, and body conditioning training. Jeremy has proven it over and over again with the players he trains - results!"
-Randy Bennett (St. Mary's College Men's Basketball Head)
  "The J-Glove in my humble opinion is the Best Basketball Shooting Training Aid of the New Millennium.  The J-Glove sells itself and Jeremy is a tremendous young teacher and coach of the game, evidence by his unique yet effective view on shooting in his shooting DVD."
                - Herb Welling (excerpt from his respected b-ball blog) 
  "The J-Glove helps our players practice shooting correctly until it becomes muscle memory.  In a game I don't wanth them thinking about the mechanics of their shot. I want them to read the defense and take good shots. The J-Glove makes good shots a habit. Practice doesn't make perfect, practice makes permanent. Perfect practice makes perfect.  The J-Glove helps our playes shoot consistently perfect!"
                - Sylvia Crawley Head Coach Boston College University (ACC)
  "I recently came across a program that has simply revolutionized my thought process on the proper way to shoot the basketball. The J-Glove is flat out the best shooting tool I've ever seen. I've been working out one of our players almost every day this spring as he tries to make the transition from a post player to playing on the perimeter. This player has worked his tail off shooting thousands and thousands of shots this spring, but progress and improvement has been relatively slow. After 20 minutes using the J-Glove my player was making over 60% of his shots from all over the floor with range out to 25 feet - a far higher percentage than he had ever shot in previous practice sessions. The rapid shooting gains this player made after just a week of using the J-Glove has made me a strong believer in a number of Coach Russotti's ideas, in particular his concept of "premature finger flexion.Furthermore, Russotti's ball-handling program contains the most progressive, innovative dribbling drills I have ever seen."
                - Geoff Reed: Attack Basketball Blog
  “Jeremy’s J-Glove Shooting Aid drastically helped us improve our overall field goal percentage as a team to 51% for the season, and in particular helped two of our players increase their individual percentages by over 12%. It’s simple design and high level of comfort make it the best shooting aid I have seen in my 20 years in the business. The perfect training aid for any level!”
                 - John Peterson (Head Coach Ohlone Junior College - Top 10 California JC)

"We had Jeremy Russotti speak, to over 200 coaches, at our Basketball BC SuperConference and were thrilled with his presentations on shooting philosophy. His understanding of skill development is off the charts; I believe he can help any player get to a higher level of play. He uses his understanding of biomechanics and movement to help players maximize their athleticism. Great stuff!!
                 - Mike McNeill- Basketball British Colombia SuperConference

  I got the ball handling video today and in my opinion it is better than any tapes I have seen in regard to individual skill development, and I have them all: Josh Akognon is a freak with his ball quickness, and is really fun to watch.  Unlike so many other tapes, you slowed the stuff down, and then explained what to do, which truthfully is missing in a way too many of today's "instructional videos". I can't wait to watch the J-Glove Shooting DVD."
                 - John Jordan: 21 years Varsity Boys Coach St. Francis HS (Los Angeles, CA)
  As an engineer and basketball skill trainer, I have an active and well-developed BS-detector which I constantly rely on to filter through all the gimmicks and hype associated with many of the basketball training products on the market these days. I’m very particular about the training equipment that I purchase and need to feel confident that its use will be effective. I can honestly say that the J-Glove provided the physical aid needed by certain clients to correct specific flaws in their release mechanics which they were not otherwise able to correct. I have found that some athletes can change the necessary neural circuit firings without the need of an aid, while others have a harder time changing these habitual movements. It’s nice to have a device that can provide aid to those that need it. The J-Glove provides the needed constraints that I have been looking for to help reinforce proper shot release mechanics.”
                 - Rick Allison, Owner, Founder and Lead Trainer of LoneStar Basketball Academy
  "The J-Glove is the only thing we use in the devolpment of our families shooting mecanics. This has helped three of my sons, which were High School and College All-Americans with their shooting and the J-Glove was and is a big part of their sucess. I really wish I would have found this earlier in their careers."
                 - Ron Nelson (Sacramento)
  "I have worked with a player with your products for just about 7-months now. This year her scoring per game jumped 13ppg, with an increase of 26.6% on her Fielf Goal Percentage. Her Free Throw percentage jumped 10%, now into the high 80s. My wife also used your products on her leading scorer and it has motivatated her to work harder and to to continue to put up 30-point games. Thank you so much for putting out your products."
- Dany Murphy Ledyard High School - Connecticut Storm AAU
"Not only has the J-Glove helped many of our players improve their form and follow through, it was also very useful in helping one of our guys in particular re-train his stroke after wrist surgery in the off season."

Donny Guerinoni (TCU Men's Basketball Assistant Coach)