The J-Glove is the only shooting aid on the market designed to teach a user how to correctly grip, set up, and release a basketball. By promoting proper biomechanics of shooting, the J-Glove uses finger splint design technology in preventing premature finger flexion at the base and middle finger joints - which is the #1 reason for improper side to side wrist mechanics during follow through. Additionally, the finger splint design creates absolute perfect shot set up, never allowing the ball to rest on your palm.  The J-Glove is currently being used by multiple top NCAA teams, as well as a multiple NBA, WNBA, Overseas Professionals, and D-League trainers/players.  Such teams include the San Antonio Spurs, Memphis, Stanford, UCLA, LSU, Louisville, Boston College, Miami, South Florida, VCU, Reno Bighorns, and many more.......

Take control of your follow through and transform your shot into a consistent, flowing, singular motion where all body joints are released in unison.  Be sure to check out the
"Millennium Shooting DVD", which not only includes the science behind the J-Glove and proper joint mechanics, but specific shooting drills to correct biomechical flaws of past muscle memory circuits.


Tara VanDerveer
Head Coach
Stanford University
2-Time National Champs Hall of Fame Inductee

“Several of our players at Stanford have used the J-Glove Shooting Aid with excellent results. It is a very useful training tool".
Jeff Walz
Head Coach
Univ. of Louisville 2009 NCAA National Champion Runner-Up
"The J-Glove is a revolutionary product that increases muscle memory for players at all levels."
    By utilizing the J-Glove you will:
  Prevent finger flexion at the base and middle joints of your fingers ensuring an open-hand follow through with every repetition  
  Eliminate side to side improper wrist mechanics  
  Ensure maximum extension at the wrist joint during shot set up, resulting in keeping the ball off the mid palm of the hand, and creating more power/arc on your shot  
  Develop proper finger separation in order to control the basketball  
  Re-construct your shooting mechanics of the follow through in a short period of time, while providing you with success and confidence to be a long-term successful shooter  
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